Do you struggle with getting paid on time because of outdated manual processes? It’s a common issue, but Chaser can help you out. Businesses that use it have gotten paid! Manual processes can fail when you have a lot of transactions, causing delays and lost revenue. With Chaser, you can automate credit control and prevent unpaid invoices from slipping through the cracks. It’s easy to integrate with your accounting system too – just a click and less than 2 minutes. With Chaser, you can reduce DSO, keep track of your receivables, and increase revenue faster.

Advantages of Chaser

  • Sends personalized emails to clients, increasing the chances of receiving a response
  • Automates the collections process, allowing all invoices to be prioritized for follow-up and keeping them top of mind for clients
  • Logs all communication in the software, allowing anyone on the team to see the history and status of each invoice
  • Dramatically decreases debtor days, providing a definite return on investment
  • Receives positive feedback from clients who appreciate the efficient credit control systems
  • Offers a direct bank feed into Xero, allowing for automatic ‘Thank you for paying’ emails
  • Provides a seamless process for credit control, including notes and diary features for keeping track of each customer
  • Saves time and effort with monthly statements and tailored chaser emails for different customer groups
  • Offers daily email summaries to avoid unnecessary chasing
  • Easy to use and provides great customer support, with a team always ready to listen to suggestions and improvements
  • Simple to use and see relevant information, such as value outstanding and overdue, providing benefits even when left alone
  • Offers new payment options and continues to be recommended by satisfied users.

Disadvantages of Chaser

  • It would be helpful if users could easily see the overall improvement in time to collection, or for specific clients, from one period to another (DSO).
  • Unfortunately, when clients respond to Chaser emails, you can’t reply directly, which means you have to manually type in their email address to send a response. This can be time-consuming and sometimes results in bounce-backs if you forget to do so.
  • Occasionally, clients may send non-chase-related queries to the Chaser email, which can be frustrating to manage.
  • Re-training some team members who are already familiar with the company‚Äôs previous collection process can be a bit of a pain, but it’s not a major issue.