Harvest for Invoicing and Billing

Harvest is a time tracking tool for businesses of any size that operates through the cloud. It provides small businesses and freelancers with timesheet and invoicing features, in addition to other features like project management, team management, scheduling, and expense management. With Harvest, users can quickly enter their time by using a single click. It supports a variety of devices, including desktop widgets, mobile devices, Macs, and PCs, which allows users to track their time from any device. The system also automates reminders to employees to submit their timesheets and allows for easy approval of timesheets. Furthermore, Harvest can integrate with other solutions such as Asana, JIRA, Basecamp, GitHub, and Quickbooks.

Pros of Harvest

  • Harvest is a simple and flexible app favored by project managers
  • The app seamlessly handles invoicing, reminders, and client payments
  • Harvest integrates with Stripe for smoother and more convenient payments
  • Multi-currency features and downloadable PDFs promote transparency
  • Harvest offers two pricing plans: a free plan for single users with limited needs, and a subscription starting at $12 per month for more comprehensive features
  • A 30-day free trial is available for those who want to test the app without commitment
  • The Harvest mobile app is available for both iOS and Android, making it ideal for remote teams
  • The mobile app allows for easy time tracking and expense management
  • Clients can pay invoices directly with a convenient checkbox option
  • Harvest offers intuitive billable time tracking with customizable rates for different project roles and task types
  • Individual expenses can be easily tracked and billed to clients
  • Harvest is a great tool for managing creative projects. It can also establish project budgets, providing a convenient snapshot of project expenses and available funds.

Cons of Harvest

  • Users have reported a disconnect between the desktop app and website, causing inconvenience and defeating the purpose of having the app
  • Harvest lacks integration for automated sales tax, which is important for many users
  • Batch-assigning time is not possible in Harvest, making it time-consuming for project managers to enter time for multiple employees working on the same task
  • Users have minimal options for billing increments, and some struggle to figure out how to increase the increments
  • Harvest does not provide a timer-on notification on some devices, causing users to forget and potentially overcharge clients
  • Harvest’s phone support is now by-appointment only with a 15-minute limit, which can be inconvenient for users needing immediate assistance