Salesforce CRM

Many companies struggle with what to do with their customer data and how to use it to build lasting relationships with customers and grow their business. This frustration often stems from the silos that exist between different departments, where data is not shared effectively. For example, the sales department may not share data with marketing, the marketing department may not be aware of open service tickets, and the commerce department may not have access to marketing campaigns. This creates a disjointed and inefficient approach to customer relationship management. To address this challenge, Salesforce offers a customer relationship management (CRM) software called Customer 360, which breaks down the technology silos between departments.

What Is Salesforce’s Customer 360?

Customer 360 provides a single shared view of every customer for all teams, including marketing, sales, commerce, service, and IT. By automating and unifying millions of data points in real-time, Customer 360 empowers employees to exceed customer expectations, resulting in efficient growth and increased customer trust.Customer 360 is a flexible solution that works for any industry and size of business, providing customizable apps and tools to meet the unique needs of each organization. By leveraging Customer 360, businesses can lower costs, increase operational efficiency, and ultimately drive efficient growth.

Salesforce features

  • Manage sales opportunities throughout the entire lifecycle from lead to order confirmation
  • Track stages, values, and probabilities of closure for each pipeline
  • Quickly create quotes for customers based on product information and pricing
  • Call management features: call recording, analytics, workforce management, call script management, and compliance management.
  • Customer support portal for customers to access support services and resources.
  • An information repository where customers can find information about products, services and other relevant information.

Pros of Salesforceer 360?

  • Customizable dashboard with a range of report widgets
  • Easy-to-navigate software with simple navigation bar
  • Social media function and news feed similar to Facebook
  • Integration with a wide range of third-party applications
  • Mobile app for sales reps to access data and close deals on the go
  • AI-powered insights to help sales reps prioritize tasks and opportunities
  • Collaborative features for teams to work together on deals and projects
  • Scalable for businesses of all sizes and industries
  • Comprehensive customer support and training resources.

Cons of Salesforce

  • Not suitable for small businesses due to complexity
  • Expensive, especially for small businesses
  • Unlimited version is not truly unlimited, email cap at 1000
  • High learning curve and not very easy to use
  • No keyboard shortcuts for lookups, requiring users to click buttons
  • Poor customer support with frequent changes in customer representatives